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Category: International Phone Call Services (AKA Phone Card Services)
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AuraCall Review

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AuraCall is a great international call service that helps customers call the world for less. AuraCall offers cheap international calling from either landlines or mobiles, with discounts of up to 90% available on calls to more than 200 countries. With no hidden charges, no additional fees and straightforward, simple billing, AuraCall is a great option if you want a flexible service that integrates easily into your existing set-up. Everyone can take advantage of the benefits AuraCall has to offer, regardless of whether they use a landline or mobile to make their calls. To find out more about the various plans and options on offer at AuraCall, read on…

As with many services we have reviewed in this category, AuraCall works through connecting customers to the number they are trying to call through an access number. These numbers are entered by customers in advance of dialling the number they wish to call, and transfer responsibility for the call from the customer’s regular provider to AuraCall. In this way, customers can be sure that they will pick up the great discounts on offer at AuraCall instead of paying through the nose with their regular provider.

Although the basic function of all of AuraCall’s services is this access number system, there are a number of different packages and options to choose from. Firstly, T-Talk (a mobile service) and Classic (a landline service) offer the basic AuraCall access number service to all mobile and landline customers. While Classic customers are billed directly (through their existing service provider) T-Talk customers have to top up a pre-paid account in order to make calls. This can be done online, not only making it easy to top up, but also ensuring you always know how much you’re spending (and, indeed, saving) with the service. In addition, further services are available for 3Mobile customers and for those with Android Phones. 3Mobile customers can use the regular access number service but be billed directly through their existing 3Mobile account, regardless of whether they are a pay-as-you-go or contract customer. Android users can make use of a fantastic, easy-to-use application that makes calling international users a breeze – with no access numbers to remember at all!

While AuraCall is not the most well-used service we have reviewed, and doesn’t quite make it into our top ten in this category, it still provides customers with an easy to use service with plenty of savings to be had. If you’re looking for a way to save money on international calls, check AuraCall out today!

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