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LycaMobile Review

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LycaMobile is a great pre-paid international call service that offers users the opportunity to make international calls extremely cheaply without the need to change their mobile, download additional software or use their computers at all. LycaMobile is what is known in the industry as a ‘Mobile Virtual Network Operator’ (or MVNO for short), meaning that it leases frequency from other providers in order to keep costs low and quality high. Since its initial launch back in 2001, LycaMobile has attracted more than 6 million users, making it one of the largest and most well-known international calling services to operate in this way.

Getting started with LycaMobile couldn’t be easier. Customers can apply for a free LycaMobile SIM card through the LycaMobile website and should have received their new SIM in only a matter of days. Customers have to top up their accounts in the same way as they would do for a regular pay-and-go mobile phone, with online top-up being available alongside regular top-up within stores and supermarkets. Potential LycaMobile customers should bear in mind that swapping to LycaMobile will only really be suitable if you already have a pay-and-go mobile phone (and you’re willing to forego the benefits your association with your current network provides) or you have a pay-monthly contract that is coming to an end. Potential new LycaMobile customers should also bear in mind that a change of phone number will also be necessary in order to use the service – something that we think might put some new customers off giving this service a try.

As well as the great value calls LycaMobile customers can enjoy, there are a few additional features which deserve a brief mention in this review. Firstly, customers can add call-waiting, missed call notifications and international conference calling to their pre-paid packages in order to better cater to their needs. Secondly, users can take advantage of the LycaMobile customer support (which is very highly regarded by industry experts and customers alike), which supports 9 world languages and makes it easy to address issues and correct problems with the service as they arise. In addition, LycaMobile ‘Gold SIM Cards’ offer customers super-memorable numbers (such as ‘07500000000’ for example) for the princely sum of £5,000. While this feature won’t appeal to everyone (especially those looking to make cheap calls with little initial outlay), we did think it was an innovative feature that may entice one or two of our readers into signing up!

Although LycaMobile is unlikely to be suitable for everyone, given the natural difficulties some users will encounter in transferring to an operator like LycaMobile, it remains a good choice (and one that continues to attract vast amounts of customers each year). With great call tariffs that make calling international numbers cheaper than ever, along with a reliable, high-quality network and great sound quality, LycaMobile is certainly worth checking out. Head over to the LycaMobile site to find out everything you need to know about this service!

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