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Category: International Phone Call Services (AKA Phone Card Services)
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Rebtel Review

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As our No.1 rated service within this category, Rebtel offers customers the perfect combination of value and quality, making it easier to contact loved ones, friends and family across the world. If you regularly make calls to overseas countries as part of your monthly phone bill, finding a great international call service can really help you to reduce your monthly outgoings.

As one of the largest and most widely-used international call services, boasting literally millions of active users, Rebtel customers enjoy some of the lowest international call rates available in this market. The service is also incredibly varied, offering users access to low-cost international calls whether they have a regular mobile or landline, a smartphone or even just a computer with an internet connection. All users can save on their international calls, regardless of the method chosen, with many users being able to pick up savings of up to 98% compared with regular providers on international call rates in many cases.

In summary, there are three main ways in which customers of Rebtel are able to access these savings: by making calls through wifi, 3G and through local numbers. Wifi calling is very straightforward and can be used on either mobile phones that are internet enabled, or by using a PC that is connected to the internet. By using the Rebtel service, calls are connected through VOIP (Voice-over-internet-Protocol), thus vastly reducing the cost of making the call. 3G calls are made in much the same way, using 3G enabled smartphones, although it is worth pointing out that these date connections are notably less reliable than their wifi equivalent.

Finally, calling through local numbers works by Rebtel assigning a unique local number to the international telephone number that belongs to your contact and having your call automatically re-routed through this number in order to reduce the cost of the call. In terms of mobile compatibility, any mobile phone can be used for the Rebtel service if local numbers are used. In order to use the wifi/3G service on the go, using a mobile, the phone in question will have to be internet-enabled, while users who have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android can access the service through dedicated apps.

  As one of the largest and most widely-used international call services, boasting literally millions of active users, Rebtel customers enjoy some of the lowest international call rates available in this market.  

As well as all of the calling options we have already discussed, Rebtel is also jam-packed with a range of other great features that make using this service an absolute dream. As well as calls, users can also send cheap SMS messages to all of the countries served by Rebtel, as well as free messages between Rebtel users using the same web client as is used for VOIP calls.

Rebtel also offers two additional services that our readers are sure to find useful. Firstly, the Rebtel Phonecard service allows customers to use Rebtel when they are abroad (in more than 50 countries) by entering an access number in the phone they are using before entering the number they wish to call. This acts like a virtual ‘calling card’, letting users link up with the Rebtel service wherever they are in the world. Secondly, there’s also Rebtel Collect Calls, where users can make collect calls through the Rebtel service in order to pass the savings on to whoever is paying the bill.

Of course the most important element that should be considered with any international call services is the potential for serious financial savings and in this area, Rebtel certainly doesn’t disappoint. Firstly, Rebtel customers have access to some of the lowest per-minute call rates we have come across within this category, including many that are less than 1p per minute to a great number of countries. Examples of such call rates including calls to the USA, which are charged at 0.99p per minute and to Poland, where calls are charged at 0.69p per minute.

Further savings can also be made by encouraging your contact to join Rebtel too, as calls between Rebtel customers using only wifi or 3G are free of charge (on either PC or mobile), regardless of where they are in the world. SMS messages can also be sent at astonishingly low rates, with messages to many countries being available for only a few pence. With such great low rates, it’s no surprise that Rebtel continues to attract more members than any other service we have reviewed in this category!

With such a great quality service, that not only provides users with fantastic tools and crystal clear calling each and every time; but also provides a significant saving on the per-minute rate offered by regular telecoms providers, it’s no wonder Rebtel is so popular. If you’re looking for a flexible service that doesn’t require you to replace your phone or your SIM card, and can be used in a number of different ways, Rebtel could certainly be right for you. To start your journey towards the cheapest possible international calls, follow the link below to find out everything you need to know about Rebtel.

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