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Category: International Phone Call Services (AKA Phone Card Services)
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JustCall is a great international call service that opens up serious savings to its customers. As a UK-based service, JustCall won’t be perfect for everyone, but for those based in the UK who are looking for an easy-to-use international call service that slots easily into their existing set up and helps them pick up great savings, it’s certainly a worthy contender. While JustCall unfortunately didn’t quite do enough to make it into our top ten in this category, it still offers some great savings no matter where you’re calling, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

As with many call services in this category, JustCall operates entirely through access numbers. This system is based on a user dialing a country-specific access number prior to dialing the number of the person they wish to speak to. This places the call under the control of JustCall (as opposed to the customer’s regular service provider) and allows them to benefit from the low per-minute call rates on offer at the service. Not only does this international call system offer low rates and great savings, it can also be accessed through any mobile or landline, with no software to install and no additional bills to pay.

In terms of cost, JustCall per-minute rates to the countries it covers (around 200 worldwide) are largely comparable to other similar services in this category. Many countries can be called from around one or two pence per minute, including many commonly called international countries such as China, the USA, Thailand and India. If you use a landline to make calls using JustCall, the costs of the calls will automatically be added to your regular bill, making the service one of the most straightforward and simple we have used. If you use a mobile to make a call through JustCall, you do need to top up your mobile JustCall account in order to do so, as all mobile calls are pre-paid. This can be done using SMS and only takes a minute or two!

As JustCall is a UK-based service, if you’re not resident in the UK (or at least temporarily find yourself there), this service will not work for you and you should look elsewhere within our listings for a service that works in your country. If you are UK-based however, JustCall could be right for you! Although the service does not offer web-telephony or VOIP like other services we have reviewed in this category, its simple, access-number based service will undoubtedly appeal to many of our readers. What’s more, with low per-minute call rates and easy top-ups, JustCall is a great choice that we’re sure will open up great savings to those who call international numbers regularly. Check it out today!

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