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Category: International Phone Call Services (AKA Phone Card Services)
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Planet-Talk Review

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Planet-Talk is an international call service that helps users to connect with their loved ones, friends and family all over the world at local rates. With some of the lowest per-minute rates we have found online, along with a number of innovative ways to make international calls more cheaply than other services, customers of Planet-Talk can enjoy savings of up to 90% on their usual method of making international calls. If you’re looking for a way to save while calling your loved ones abroad, Planet-Talk could well be perfect for you – check it out today!

Planet-Talk can be used by Mobile or Landline customers as it operates through a simple ‘access-number’ system, similar to those on offer at many services in this category. In order to make a call using Planet-Talk, customers need only dial a country-specific access number prior to dialing the number they wish to call. In so doing, the call is transferred into the responsibility of Planet-Talk instead of the customer’s regular provider, giving them access to Planet-Talk’s fantastic low-cost call tariff. With calls available from just 0.5p per minute to many countries (including the USA, Thailand and India to name just a few), the savings to be had at Planet-Talk are substantial to say the least!

As well as low cost calling options, Planet-Talk has a number of other features and packages that deserve a mention in this review. Firstly, users get access to a number of mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phone that help make the calling process more simple and straightforward. By using these apps, instead of having to remember or record access numbers for particular countries, the app automatically detects the country to be called and applies the appropriate access number “behind the scenes”. As well as this, customers can sign up for combined packages including broadband coverage, international calls and domestic calling – perfect if your current package is due for renewal and you’re looking for a more integrated approach to your international calls. Finally, we were extremely impressed by the customer service support offered at Planet-Talk, with users being able to access great support 24/7 online and via the telephone.

Planet-Talk is a good service that offers users not only some low call-rates, but also a simple, straightforward service that will no-doubt appeal to many. While Planet-Talk doesn’t quite make it into our top ten in this category at the moment (largely due to the fact that there are so many access-number based services already on the market, many of which also offer a number of additional features), we were still impressed by what was on offer and suggest our readers check it out to see whether it fits the bill for them!

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